jetiquette | Definition


noun   jet·i·quette   \   ˈjet -i-kət , -ˌket \
1. Code of acceptable behavior observed by airline passengers and crew; manners on airplanes. 3. Gestures of hospitality extended to travelers by airlines, airports, hotels, etc. 4. Local protocol, customs and decorum to be observed by travelers to foreign destinations 


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About Jetiquette®

Our Mission is to formally introduce the concept of Jetiquette - a "travel-friendly" approach to travel-  and encourage its usage among all travel participants (travelers, travel providers, hospitality providers)  along each step of the travel experience (pre-flight, flight, arrival, and duration of trip).


Quartz reports - "The online travel agency Expedia polled passengers for a fourth year on the most obnoxious passenger behaviors, and—surprise!—the “rear-seat kicker” yet again turned to be respondents’ most-loathed type, with 64% of respondents ticking off the box." Traveling is an important experience in every individuals life and we aim to shed light on the importance of travel experiences and how they affect our travel, future travel, and the lives of others around us. Click below to learn more!



jetiquette faux pas | Definition


noun   jet·i·quette faux pas  \   ˈjet -i-kət , -ˌket \ fō ˈpä \
Improper, tactless behavior on an airplane

Sometimes being considerate of others while traveling is as simple as slowing down and being aware of others around you and considering your actions. Below are some of the most common faux pas to avoid and being aware of them is an excellent start.


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