Atlanta- ATL

Pet facilities:

Hartsfield-Jackson welcomes its many guests, including those of the canine persuasion. To accommodate passenger pets and guide dogs, the Airport provides indoor Service Animal Relief Areas (SARAs) located in every concourse near Gates T7, A10, B33, C19, E14, F7 as well as D-Midpoint.

In addition, there’s a 1,000-square-foot dog park in the Ground Transportation area on Domestic Terminal South, outside of doors W1 and W2. The fully fenced-in park offers biodegradable bags along with benches. Click here to see the dog park.

An additional pet relief area is located on the arrivals level of the International Terminal, right outside of door A1.

Pet transportation policies vary by airline and time of year. Contact your airline directly for details.

Chicago O’Hare - ORD

Service Animal Relief Areas (SARA) are located on the outside security on the lower levels of Terminals 1, 2 and 5 and inside security in the Terminal 3 Rotunda. All animals must be accompanied and leashed by the owner.

Outside Security

These SARAs are outdoor, gated areas designated for service animal relief and are accessible at all times. 

Terminal 1 – Outside Arrivals/lower level Door 1A.The SARA will be toward the left.

Terminal 2 – Outside Arrivals/lower level Door 2A. The SARA will be toward the right.

Terminal 5 – Outside Arrivals/lower level Door 5B. The SARA will be toward the left.

Multi Modal Facility (Rental Cars/Lot F) – The SARA is located immediately North of the lobby.

Inside Security

This SARA is designed for service animal relief, and is accessible at all times when one is within security.

Terminal 3 Rotunda - Post security, in the Rotunda (between Terminal 2 & Terminal 3) 

Chicago Midway - MDW

Outdoor Service Animal Relief Area
The SARA is fenced in with a bench and bags are provided for pet waste.
Location: On the south end of the Lower Level terminal drive
Directions: Exit through Lower Level Door #4 near Baggage Carousel #8. Turn right and walk past the bus stop.

Indoor Service Animal Relief Area (SARA)
The indoor SARA is specially designed to accommodate passengers traveling with service animals or pets. The room is enclosed, has a door with a glass pane that opens and closes automatically, and is designed for wheelchair access.
Location: Concourse A | Gate A4A

Dallas/Ft. Worth - DFW

Inside Security

These designated pet relief areas listed below are located inside security. Please note that for these locations you will not need to exit the terminal or re-enter through security. 

  • Terminal A - A29

  • Terminal B - B28

  • Terminal D - D18

  • Terminal E - E31

Outside Security

Designated areas for pet relief are located outside entry doors on the lower level. If your pet needs to step outside between flights, visit the designated area locations below. Please note that your boarding pass and appropriate ID will be required for re-entry into the Airport. Most TSA checkpoints open at 4:30 a.m. and close at 10:00 p.m. 

  • Terminal A - A8

  • Terminal C - C2, C39

  • Terminal D - D15, D29

  • Terminal E - E2, E38

Los Angeles -LAX

T-1: A room near Gate 13, behind California Pizza Kitchen by Men’s Restroom T-2: A room near Gate 21
T-3: In the outdoor atrium
Tom Bradley International Terminal: A room near the entrance to the bridge to T-4
T-4: A room along the bridge to TBIT
T-5: A room near Gate 52B
T6: In the outdoor atrium, by the Restrooms near Gate 62
T7: A room between Gate 73 and 75B, close to Wolfgang Puck Express