Gailen David


Gailen has been in the travel industry for 30+ years. While with American Airlines, he created customer experience conferences and training programs for the airline’s Purser Program including global etiquette and protocol courses for international flight attendants.

His “Jetiquette, The Customer Experience and You” program received the Magellan Award from Travel Weekly Magazine.

“Jetiquette” has been featured in USA Today, CNN, HLN, NBC, CBS, NPR, and other outlets to disuss travel etiquette, international protocol, and the travel customer experience.

Gailen speaks at industry and corporate events which have included American Airlines, Air Transat, Association of Flight Attendants, Middle East Airlines, Protocol School of Washington, Sabre, Southern California Safety Institute, Transport Canada, and others in the aviation, retail, and beauty industries.

2019 marks the fourth season of “The Jet Set”, a nationally syndicated travel talk-show which airs in over 200 television markets in the US, Canada, and Caribbean. Gailen serves as executive producer and host.