noun   jet·i·quette   \   ˈjet -i-kət , -ˌket \
1. Consideration extended from one person to another during the travel experience; travel etiquette. 2. Gestures of hospitality extended to travelers by airlines, airports, hotels, and other travel service providers 3. Local protocol, customs and decorum observed and displayed by travelers when visiting another country.

Gailen David Founder of Jetiquette.png

Gailen David, Director

Jetiquette was founded by Gailen David as a grassroots effort to improve the travel experience. In addition to speaking to groups on the topic of travel manners, he created training programs for American Airlines, Air Transat Canada, Middle East Airlines, National Car Rental and others to help personnel tap into their emotional intelligence to unlock increased job satisfaction and greater performance.

Gailen also lends his expertise in airline safety, customer service and labor issues to news organizations including USA Today, CNN, HLN, NPR, and others — sharing his experience gathered as a 24-year flight attendant with
American Airlines. 

Gailen is co-creator, executive producer and host of the nationally syndicated travel lifestyle show, The Jet Set; televised weekly in over 200 TV markets in the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean. 


The "Jetiquette...The Customer Experience and You"

The Jetiquette Customer Experience Training Program has been recognized by Travel Weekly Magazine and presented with "The Magellan Award" in 2008.

Gailen's from-the-heart program focused on showing front-line workers how valuable they really are and shared his own methods for recognizing and savoring the many rewards that come from making the travel experience special for someone else.