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Cabin Redesigns Overnight West Coast Sleeper Service

Cabin Redesigns Overnight West Coast Sleeper Service

Overnight Express Service by Cabin

What sounds like the best plan? Would you rather catch a stop-and-go freeway ride to the airport, the dreaded TSA routine, and an evening in your favorite hotel or skip all of that and hop aboard a deluxe, comfy, overnight sleeper bus that arrives early enough for a full day of activity at your destination — sans a hot shower?

Relaunched Service is Even More Civilized

Cabin launched in July 2017 but took a hiatus to perfect their suspension technology that provides a virtually jolt-free journey for occupants of the 23 sleeping compartments they’ve configured into their overnight-express vehicles.

Take a video tour and experience Cabin

Armed with feedback from over 10,000 guests, the founders of cabin set out to smooth out the bumps and engineer an experience that includes 54% larger cabins, a fully re-designed restroom, all new amenities (like a hot towel service and slippers), and countless details specifically designed around the data received from past customers.

The new high-tech bump-canceling technology called, Cabin Cloud, adjusts an average of 30.000 times per minute to respond to road imperfections and vibrations, ensuring a restful ride. According to Cabin’s data, 88% of bumps are eliminated with the new technology creating a ride that’s 1.6 times smoother than a Maglev Bullet Train.

Your All-In-One Ride and Hotel

Cabin departs at 11PM and arrives the next morning at 7AM in both directions between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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The vehicles are operated as moving hotels and “incorporate all the same high-quality hospitality elements that you would expect at a luxury hotel. This includes professionally cleaning the entire vehicle and providing fresh bedding (sheets, duvet, pillow cases) for every single trip to ensure optimal comfort and cleanliness.” — from Cabin’s website.

Check out their FAQ section for all the things you are just dying to know about this cool service.

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