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Jetson Probiotics Help Fuel Overall Health

Jetson Probiotics Help Fuel Overall Health

Our bodies rely on a healthy gut to function at peak levels, allowing us to stay active, fight off illnesses, and fall asleep when we need to. More people are becoming aware of the benefits of probiotics, but finding the right source for them is confusing. We’ve mostly relied on probiotic fortified foods or supplements that may have lost their potency and may not have ever experienced the full benefits that effective probiotic intake can bring.

If you've been sipping on kombucha or spooning yogurt for probiotics (like we had been) — you may not be getting the health-boost you’d been hoping for.

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Seasonal, Small Batch Probiotics

Jetson is the world’s first seasonal probiotic and we were very excited to give it a try.

Not only is it created in small batches, but the formulas change with the seasons to deliver the most effective probiotic blend designed for the challenges our bodies face at different times of the year. Additionally, the Jetson formulas are constantly changing based on the latest strains and scientific data.

“We make Jetson in small batches so we can use the latest strains discovered and tested by science. We constantly innovate and improve the product. To ensure our customers are taking live cultures, we ship Jetson from our lab to your door - never a retailers warehouse.” Stefan Weitz, founder of Jetson

Jetson delivers their four unique seasonal probiotic formulas directly to customers via a $35 per month subscription. A new bottle arrives each month with fresh, season specific probiotics .

For travel, Jetson is great. It’s best to keep them refrigerated, but as long has they are stored at 77º or below, they’ll be fine. Keep them in your carry-on until you can put them back in the fridge or minibar.

Getting Started with Jetson:

You begin the Jetson probiotic regimen by preparing your body with their Gut Prep, plus the first seasonal probiotic that’s delivered as part of the monthly subscription. ($15 for Gut Prep and $35/month for seasonal probiotics - shipping is free)



The starting point for a healthier stomach. Jetson recommends signing up for a 1-month supply to take in conjunction with your first month of Seasonal Probiotics.

+ Stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut
+ Supports normal gut microflora to promote optimal health
+ Promotes healthy GI tract

Here are the Jetson Seasonal Probiotics

Subscribers receive a new 30-day supply of the season’s probiotic each month.

FIT - Summer - Jun/Jul/Aug

Developed for an active summer. This blend of strains work to help reduce bloating, optimize body composition, and enhance energy to keep your gut in check through your body’s most physical season.

+ Supports normal fat metabolism
+ Helps reduce bloating
+ Supports healthy immune functions

MOOD - Fall - Sep/Oct/Nov

Developed for Fall’s shift to low-key living. MOOD’s happy bugs help with a positive mental state for shorter days, aid with digestion during a season of heartier meals, and improve the sleep quality for cozy nights.

+ Supports positive mental state
+ Improves sleep
+ Promotes digestive health in time for heavier food, supports healthy immune function

IMMUNITY - Winter - Dec/Jan/Feb

Just in time for the winter onslaught of illness inducing germs — IMMUNITY’s strains are selected to support a stronger immune system and fight bad bugs, promote respiratory health, and strengthen your gut for heavy holiday meals.

+ Supports a healthy immune system and function + Promotes respiratory health
+ Helps intestinal health

OUTSIDE - Spring - Mar/Apr/May

OUTSIDE is blended to help combat heavy pollen, support healthy digestion, and revitalize your system to get out and enjoy the fresh air.

+ Promotes a healthy heart and aids exercise recovery + Supports a healthy digestive system
+ Revitalizes your system so you can eat outside

Compare Jetson to other probiotic sources

How Jetson Took Flight

The founder of Jetson, Stefan Weitz, recognized the importance of probiotics in maintaining one’s overall health while dealing with his own autoimmunity illness. He enlisted renowned scientist and health experts and invested in extensive research and product development to bring Jetson to market.

Weitz also suggests drinking lots of water, eating more green stuff, getting up and moving, and getting more sleep at night. The Jetson line of products seems like just the thing to make all of this easier to achieve.

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