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Cool Off With A Private Pool-By-The-Hour!

Cool Off With A Private Pool-By-The-Hour!

If you’ve fallen in love with the idea of being able to live like a local in any city by renting homes through channels such as airbnb and VRBO, you’ll love a cool service we’ve discovered that offers the same type of booking process but for reserving privately owned swimming pools near you.

Swimply, brings pool owners together with those looking for an instant escape from the heat or just a spot to swim some laps. The Swimply website or app makes it easy to find a pools in any area for the desired time and provides pricing by the hour.

The concept provides a straight-forward way for owners to bring in some extra money from their under-utilized pools while sharing their slice of paradise with those looking to splash the heat away.

A quick search delivers a list of available pools complete with photos, features, rules, restrictions, and pricing. Ratings and reviews also allow you to get an idea of what the experience was like for other Swimply users of a particular pool.

Shopping for just the right pool with all of your favorite features is a lot of fun and I found a pool near Miami Beach that had everything I wanted including a view, basketball court, pool toys, and even a hot tub! The price was a little higher than the others at $150 per hour although other great choices came in at around $35-50 per hour.

The Swimply terms and conditions seem to have thought of pretty much everything to make the process of listing and booking pools as quick and easy as possible.

Some other interesting details:

  • Guests may request a cancellation if there is rain. (Subject to Swimply Rain Policy)

  • Hosts are charged a cancellation fee if they cancel a guest’s reservation less than 72 hours prior to booking date.

  • There are “overstay” fees should a guest stay longer than the time booked via the app - so it’s important to allow enough time to really enjoy!

  • Owners are able to limit the number of people per booking and there are charges to guests should extra people show up.

Pools are vetted by Swimply!

I decided to list my pool, so I created a profile and entered all the details about my pool including its features and how much I wanted to charge per hour. I then took some photos and uploaded to my listing.

Once I was finished creating my listing, I was ready for reservations to come rolling in, but not so fast! I was sent a message via email informing me that I would soon be contacted by Swimply to have my pool “certified”! Who knew? It seems they want to be sure listings are authentic and accurate. Pretty impressive these days!

My listing was tagged “Pending Inspection” so that Swimply could certify my listing.

My listing was tagged “Pending Inspection” so that Swimply could certify my listing.


It’s great to know that each and every pool listed on Swimply has been double checked to ensure fun is had by all!

How to book

You can book a pool at or download the Swimply APP

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