Kid's Tell Parents To Take That Vacation Without Them

8 out of 10 parents feel guilty about taking a vacation without the kids.

Parents make comments like — “Honestly, my kids would not even function without me” , “My kids would miss me”, “I think the longest I’ve been away from my kids is….8 hours”.

It turns out that many kids are totally cool with letting their parents sail away to paradise without them.

In fact, kids have reacted with comments like — “I’m okay if Mom goes away, she can go as long as she wants”!

That’s just the beginning!

To highlight this misconception and encourage moms to take a break this Mother’s Day, Virgin Voyages, the adult-by-design cruise line setting sail in 2020, created a hilarious video showing kids pushing their moms to take a vacation without them.

Feeling guilty about going on holiday without your kids? This Mother's Day leave your worries (& your kids) behind.