Jetiquette Inflight Protocol Guide

Jetiquette Inflight Protocol Guide

Jetiquette goes a long way towards making travel a more enjoyable, civilized, and tranquil experience for everyone.

Our approach is to focus on the habits of the most civilized travelers who’ve made flying with jetiquette a way of life.

Those who fly with jetiquette always consider how their actions may be affecting those around them and they do their best fly by the golden rule.

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Updates and improvements headed to JetBlue A320 fleet

JetBlue formally unveiled their A320 restyling program this month which will provide improvements in passenger comfort, connectivity, and entertainment. Although this will be the first major overhaul of their fleet since 2000, the airline has held onto its image as a leader of innovation and customer service; this effort will help them maintain their favorite-airline status among so many travelers. 

Here are some improvements highlighted in JetBlue's announcement: 

Introducing A Sleek and Smart Seat
In 2019, JetBlue will outfit its A320 aircraft with the Rockwell Collins Meridian seat, customized for the airline’s needs and featuring a number of design elements with customer comfort in mind:

  • Expanded seat width offers more than 18 inches, the widest available for the A320.

  • The most legroom in coach of any U.S. airline (a).

  • Enhanced cushion comfort.

  • Adjustable headrests, a new feature for JetBlue’s A320.

  • Contoured seatback design at knee level creates additional living space for every customer.

  • Redesigned seatback stowage options, including an innovative elastic grid to accommodate a variety of customer items.

  • At least two easily-accessible and repositioned power connections at every seat.

Exceptional Entertainment Options
Also in 2019, JetBlue will build on its reputation as an industry leader in inflight entertainment options with Thales AVANT and ViaSat-2 connectivity. With this system, JetBlue will offer customers aboard its restyled A320s expanded entertainment choices in nearly every region the airline flies.

  • 10.1 inch, 1080P high definition screen at every seat.

  • More than 100 channels of live television.

  • Expanded collection of on demand movies, TV shows and video content, plus new gaming features.

  • Destination-specific content allowing customers to enhance their travel experience.

  • Picture-in-picture function.

  • Enhanced, 3D flight map offering multiple ways to track time to destination.

  • NFC paining turning personal handheld devices into remotes or gaming controllers.

  • Expanded Fly-Fi connectivity, providing coverage to nearly the entire JetBlue network.

All About In-Air Ambiance
JetBlue’s A320 restyling also allows the airline to refresh the overall feel of the aircraft interior. New LED lighting will enhance the look and tone of the in-cabin ambiance and allow for a variety of lighting settings to increase customer comfort. New sidewalls and overhead bins will also be installed, as well as a variety of newly incorporated design elements throughout that will capture JetBlue’s unique style and personality.

Restyling Schedule
JetBlue expects to complete approximately a dozen A320 restyles by the end of 2018, with the ability to complete multiple aircraft each month by 2019. JetBlue’s so-called A320 classics will be restyled first. JetBlue’s overall A320 restyling is set to take approximately three years.

Global Jetiquette

As we travel the world, it's essential to familiarize ourselves with the local customs and protocol of the areas we will visit during our trip. Certain habits and behaviors may be appropriate at home or in some countries but considered rude or offensive in others. 

We recently had some leading experts of travel etiquette share their thoughts and tips with us on a recent episode of The Jet Set and here is what they had to say: 

Some quick takeaways: 

Pamela Eyring
President, Protocol School of Washington

In Egypt, always accept offers tea or other gestures of hospitality from your host. To refuse would most likely be considered insulting. 

In the Middle East and other regions, back pats or touching someone's arm, elbow or shoulder is considered inappropriate and lacking decorum. 

Phil Shawe
CEO,  TransPerfect

Asjust to your destination's time-zone before departing in order to arrive rested and refreshed. 

Lindsey Ueberroth
President and CEO, Preferred Hotels and Resorts

In Asia, never leave your chopsticks upright in a bowl of noodles. It denotes death in China and Japan and is considered inappropriate.