About Jetiquette

jetiquette® | Definition

noun   jet·i·quette   \   ˈjet -i-kət , -ˌket \
1. Code of civilized behavior observed by airline passengers and crew; manners on airplanes. 3. Gestures of hospitality extended to travelers by airlines, airports, hotels, and other travel service providers 4. Local protocol, customs and decorum to be observed by travelers to foreign destinations 


Nowadays, it often seems our collective couth has jettisoned from the cabin. We check our mores and morals at check-in, and oftentimes display the worst of ourselves, likely due to fatigue, hunger, impatience, discomfort, anxiety, and a whole litany of other probable triggers.

Flight crew are also subject to these influences, with the added pressures of managing us, advocating on our behalf, providing outstanding customer service, and being mentally poised to serve as the first line of defense in emergencies. They should not have to navigate aisles strewn with oversized carry-ons, endure yelling, or even worse, dodge grabbing attempts. Passengers, in turn, should not have to witness such treatment, or watch in horror as toe nails are clipped or bare feet rest on bulkheads. Jetiquette requires respectful speech, conduct, and behavior from all who travel.  

Our mission is to formally introduce the concept of Jetiquette - acceptable attitudes and behaviors during travel -  and encourage its usage among all travel participants (travelers, travel providers, hospitality providers)  along each step of the travel experience (pre-flight, flight, arrival, and destination).

Jetiquette begins the moment that you grab an Uber to the airport, continues as you interact with flight crew and enjoy being connected to and enjoying myriad hospitality providers upon arrival, and culminates in the respect you afford to the cultures of those inhabiting the destinations visited along the way.

Jetiquette infuses much-needed civility back into the travel experience. Each and every time one packs for a trip, we shouldn't overlook our Ps and Qs. Just a little individual Jetiquette goes a long way towards restoring collective civility. 

For further information, contact Gailen David, Executive Producer and on-air host of The Jet Set, author of Jetiquette...The Customer Experience and You, airline travel expert, and speaker